Where to Soul-Search This Holiday Season

If you’re not going anywhere this Thanksgiving or Christmas, you might want to do some soul searching instead. The holidays would be the perfect time to enjoy some “me” time and a chance to re-evaluate life.

Don’t know where to go? Here are some wonderful suggestions:


If you are looking for a travel destination that is so beautiful that it melts all your worries away in an instant, then visit Norway. Here, you can literally stand on top of the world. Visit the edge of the North Cape plateau, which is situated close to the top of the globe. From this area, you can see the sea meet the sky, which should be a one-of-a-kind and breath-taking view.



Here, you can do some meditation to help you find answers to some of life’s most mysterious questions. The serenity of the place is best for relaxation, reflection or just to clear your head. What’s more, it has lots of calming places you can retreat to. You can also visit a Buddhist temple where there are meditation areas. There are also spiritual spots like the Sigiriya, a rock fortress that’s surrounded by water gardens, and the Dambulla Rock Caves, a massive cave temple complex.



If you’ve been meaning to follow what Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in her book “Eat, Pray, Love,” then you should start in Indonesia, particularly in Bali. This travel destination does not run out of places where you can meditate or do yoga. Bali’s landscape soothes the soul with its marvellous rice terraces, temples, botanical gardens and magnificent views.



The natural wonders of Tibet make this destination the epitome of tranquillity. Its stunning lakes, mountains and grasslands lets you bask in surreal beauty that allows you to rediscover yourself and see things in a new perspective. This is especially true if you trek towards Tibet’s most life-changing attraction, Mount Kailash – a place where heaven and earth meet.


Photos by: Giuseppe Milo, McKay SavageKai Lehmann [thank you for 390.000 views]reurinkjan

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