Where to Go in London for a Traditional English Breakfast?

While breakfast was not always the most important meal of the day in some countries, the Victorian tradition of eating a full English breakfast has stood the test of time. Sundays would never be complete without it. Next time you visit England, check out these top places in the capital to enjoy a delicious traditional English breakfast


The River Cafe

Just opposite the Putney Bridge station is this old-fashioned restaurant passionate about serving good food and making customers happy. The River Cafe, not to be confused with the rather expensive Italian ‘River Cafe’, offers a generous serving of delicious full English breakfast for only 6 pounds. And probably the best thing about this place is that its quirky vintage décor will make you feel like eating your breakfast at home.


Hawksmoor Guildhall

While known for its dictionary-thick steaks and delicious seafood menu, Hawksmoor Guildhall is the place to go if you want to enjoy the delicious British staple. The restaurant ambitiously wants to provide the best English breakfast in London, and it pretty comes close to perfection. Their traditional full English breakfast, or shall we say ‘Hawksmoor Breakfast‘, has a serving size for two, so make sure to bring someone with you.


The Breakfast Club

This a fun, ’80s-themed restaurant is gaining a reputation as one of the most popular breakfast cafes in London. They have a Full Monty take on the traditional English breakfast, offering it in smaller portions but vegetarian option. Specializing in breakfast, they have a huge menu for brunch. British, American, French or Spanish – go take your pick!


If you are looking for a place that is a bit more elegant but will not break your budget, Annie’s is just around the corner. They have branches in Thames Road and White Heart Lane. Annie’s serves a hearty English breakfast for less than 10 pounds. It is a favorite of the English rugby team when they are around, so you can be sure of delicious home cooking.


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