When NOT to Take Package Tours

Package tours appeal to many tourists mainly because it’s a comprehensive holiday bundle complete with accommodation, transfers, meals, and guided tours with passes. However, pre-planned bundled holidays aren’t for everyone. Here are reasons why an organized tour may not be ideal.

Sneaky Fees and Hidden Charges

Some package tours purposely fail to mention other fees you need to pay in order to engage in a tour, but at the last minute on the day of your trip, the tour guide collects fees such as environmental fees and special taxes. Of course, you thought that you got yourself a comprehensive, hassle-free tour package, which is not entirely the case.


Alternately, the package price includes payments and rentals for things you don’t really use or need. Or perhaps you get double charged for a meal that’s supposedly offered free of charge. Then, there’s a must stopover at a partner shop that charges bit more.

Missing Out on the Local Vibe


Bundled holidays keep yourself busy, with your entire stay planned out for you. This means that your acquaintances are limited to the hotel’s staff, tour guides and co-tourists. There’s literally not much time for immersing in the local culture and meeting local folks, which you can do with DIY tour. You get back to your hotel room all too tired to give that quaint café down the next block a try.


Forced Schedule and Plain Food

It is rare for a guided tour to feed its guests extravagantly. You’re going to have to content yourself with eating what’s available, and buffet meals don’t help much either. And you have to wake up one to two hours earlier than you would want to because you will miss the day’s tour if you don’t. So you ask yourself whether you’re on a holiday or in a military camp.


Packaged tours are ideal if you want to maximize your stay and don’t mind the boot camp aura. But, you can always have your tours customized so you don’t have to pay for all of them and have a day or two free to relax and enjoy your vacation in your own terms.


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