What’s the Best Car to take on a Road Trip around Europe?

Europe has a wealth of incredible countries and famous sights to discover and thanks to the network of roads that sprawl across the continent you can explore all this from behind the wheel of your car. However before you do, you need to fully consider whether or not your car is up to the task; after all the last thing you want is for you road trip to be spoilt because your vehicle lets you down.

Imagine being half way through your trip and your family are becoming increasingly uncomfortable because your car is too small? Or you find yourself having to spend more and more money on fuel because of your car’s poor MPG? So to help you out, in this post you’ll find some examples of different vehicles to consider suiting a variety of needs to ensure your European road trip is the holiday it should be!

Europe Road Trip

Europe Road Trip

The Spacious Option – Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Families, or those who want to ride in comfort should consider this Citroen. The diesels will happily cruise along and the spacious interior ensures you and your passengers won’t feel cramped on those long journeys.

The Economical Option – Ford Fiesta

For a car which can provide you with superb economy and a durable design, the Ford Fiesta is ideal. The current generation are particularly economical with the surprisingly pacey 1.0-Litre EcoBoost petrol models getting up to 65.7MPG.

European Roads

European Roads

The Stylish Option – Fiat 500

Celebrated for its chic and stylish Italian design, what better car to navigate through the cobbled streets of quaint European towns and villages than the Fiat 500? If looking good is important to you on your travels then you can’t go wrong with this car.

The Off-Road/Safe Option – Land Rover Discovery

For those of you who intend to be a little more adventurous on your trip then the Land Rover Discovery 3 or 4 is just what you need. Safe, powerful and most importantly reliable, this SUV will get you to your destination no matter what the road surface.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend huge amounts investing in a new car either. With a little research into the used markets you can find some great deals from specialist retailers like ExchangeandMart. Also, with our list you’ll not only get a great car for your road trip you’ll be investing in a quality vehicle that will serve you well for years to come.

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