What to do during Chinese New Year in Beijing

We begin the countdown to the most important date of the year for some, The Chinese New Year! I know many of you are very familiar with the topic, but I want to dedicate this post to some of the scenarios for the Chinese New Year, from the perspective of those who live in Beijing. There is much information on the internet about this issue that it is a real social, cultural, economic phenomenon and has other implications. It is the equivalent of our Christmas, a time when everyone can go home to spend the holidays with family and the government gives 7 day national holiday. So all people in Beijing get tickets for traveling by train or plane. Foreigners can go home and the rest stay in Beijing. Here are some of the scenarios for Chinese New Year in Beijing. If you still don’t know where to spend your chinese new year here’s an application that may help you:

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1. See the fireworks. A show organized by the municipality of Beijing. The tradition is that every household should ignite fireworks to ward off evil spirits, so during this time the city sky is filled with the lights of fireworks. In all districts the same thing happens so anyone can see this beautiful show. Also, this is not only limited to that night, but during that week. The more the noise, the further the evil spirits will escape.

Beijing Chinese New Year

Beijing Chinese New Year

2. Go to fairs made ​​in temples and city parks. The most famous is called Temple Fair Park Earth Didan Gongyuan. Tradition has it that people go to the main parks where different artistic expressions occur but experience has shown me there are more people here than anywhere else. It is a unique experience to go take a picture with the corresponding zodiac animal and give a tour of the stalls there. I would also recommend visiting Dongyue Temple fair where it is quieter. Other fair is the Chaoyang Park, but in fact there is no temple and it is focused on a foreign audience, especially in the subject of food.

Chinese new year in Beijing

Chinese new year in Beijing

3. Join a local tour. Every year China culture Center and other agencies organize cultural trips. For example, you can go to spend the New Year at a village on the outskirts of Beijing. Sure, the village has its own customs, but it is a unique opportunity to see how the new year is celebrated outside the city. There are also tours to visit the Great Wall, go to centers sky and go to the Ice Festival Longqing which would be a mini festival as the Harbin ice.

4. Walking around the city. This is the only time of year that Beijing is practically empty! Even a subway ride is wonderful! A unique panorama of winter skate on the ice, especially in the area of Houhai lakes.

So I invite those who are in Beijing or plan to travel and encourage them to participate in some of these activities.

Beijing photos: Gustavo Thomas.

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