Visiting UK Heritage Cities through Safer and More Convenient Railways

Travelling to the UK is not a luxury that everybody can enjoy. This is due to the fact that most of those who visit the country have their own itineraries that they often miss out on the best locations that the UK has to offer. Heritage cities, for instance, should be among their travel options. In fact, these are locations that can be visited by train. If you ought to tour the country, try enjoying the sights through the railway transport system. You can save on your next travel by getting a rail pass that should allow you to get unlimited journeys. This will offer you the freedom to explore every stop at your own pace.

Of course, you should begin your tour from the heart of Britain. London is the capital city in which you can find a lot of enjoyable spots to feast your eyes on. From there, you should be able to hop in as it will be a fun-filled experience for everybody.



Your first destination should be Lincoln which is located at the East Midlands. This will be around 2 hours away from north of London in which you can enjoy by train. This part of the UK should be able to boast historic treasures along the small village environment that surrounds Lincoln.




You can follow the next destination just by taking the railway transport from Lincoln to Newark North Gate at around 30 minutes, while it will take around 45 minutes going to York. From there, you can get a York Pass, in which it will be very economical when visiting multiple attractions.



A charming beauty by the riverside is the city of Durham. This should be around 45 minutes away from York when you ride a train. Popular landmarks include the Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle.



To conclude the tour, you should take the ancient Scottish capital of Edinburgh. From Durham, this should be a two-hour journey from Durham city. Edinburgh is rich in heritage in which you can notice the moment you disembark from the train.


Photos by: grassrootsgroundswellnashrahLes Haines and Marius Brede

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