Treating Your Children for the Holiday at the Best Family Attractions in the UK

It should be a shame if you cannot take your kids on to a family attraction that you can find only in the UK. Here are top destinations that you can visit with your kids when in the UK.

Warwick Castle 

Families bringing with them teens or older children should really enjoy this place. However, they have to pay extra for timed tickets that can lead them to the Castle Dungeon. This is the part where they have successfully brought to life some of the most gruesome creatures in the castle’s history via special effects and actors.



You can love the seaside nostalgia of this place. In fact, children will surely love the Blackpool Zoo and Model Village. Teens, however, can test out their nerve on the Big One, the highest rollercoaster of Britain found at the Pleasure Beach.


Museum of Science and Industry 

It is hard to find a more entertaining and child-friendly location that features an introduction to the world of technology, science, and industry. Found in Manchester, the place has a strong inclination on the role of the Northwest. Displays include themed areas dedicated for textiles, power, transport, computing, and communications.


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

This place is home to two historic warships as well as a submarine during the World War II era. This should be best for children at the age of five and over. It offers simulators and climbing tower that should have varied difficulty levels for children that are older. Minimum age for children to enjoy this area will be 6. Those aged 2-7, however, can enjoy the Sky Tykes rope course.


If you are going to travel with your kids, make sure to go to places that are fun and enjoyable. The UK is home to many family attractions that children will love.

Photos by: Dark DwarfJeremy ThompsonDavid WilsonKaren Roe

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