Traveling on a Motorcycle: 3 Important Pointers to Remember

If you love traveling and own a motorcycle, perhaps, you have been dreaming of taking a long road trip on your big bike. This is unless, of course, if you haven’t done so at all. There is a big difference between being on your bike to do some errands or ride it to work and going on a vacation and traveling long distance on a two-wheeled vehicle. If this is in your bucket list, here are some points to consider.

Completing Your Motorcycle Packing List 4478844417_532ef48c00_z

Aside from investing in a reliable and safe helmet, it’s important to spend good money on gloves and a pair of sunglasses in case you will have a day trip. Also, appropriate clothing is essential as well as the proper gear. Wear comfortable clothes but don’t forget your jacket to cover you from the sun. You might also want to pack a rain gear just in case it rains. Sturdy boots are also safer than sneakers to keep your feet from sliding. Pack stuff on your saddle bags and as much as possible, travel light. However, don’t forget to bring food for your snack, money, sunscreen and bring a water bottle so you can rehydrate during pits stops. And for pictures, you can use your smartphone instead of the bulky camera.


Conditioning Your Motorcycle 

Days before your planned trip, have your motorcycle checked and make the necessary maintenance check like tires, oil change, tune-up and brakes. Take it to the service center and have everything checked, including the bolts and chain. For minor troubleshooting needs, don’t forget your tools as well as tire inflation kit and cables.


Preparing Yourself

Get enough sleep and rest before you leave. If you are leaving early, don’t forget to have a light breakfast. For lunch, you can stop in a restaurant and at the same time rest. And if you are planning a heavy meal, leave that for dinner. Since this is your first road trip, riding with a group is better so you will have a safer and more enjoyable ride.


Traveling on your motorcycle is liberating and exciting but it can also be challenging for a first-timer. With preparation and the right companions, this road trip will be a great adventure.

Photo by: Graham StylesVir Nakai (photos 2 and 3), driver Photographer

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