Top Sightseeing Destinations in Scotland

When you think of Scotland, the first things that come to mind are magnificent sceneries, bagpipes, lonely castles and, of course, the Loch Ness Monster, all of which are just part of this unique country. As you can see, the place offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities, with adventure full of unforgettable experiences. Here are some of the best destinations when visiting Scotland:

  • Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

The most famous fortress and national monument in the country, this castle has been dominating the capital’s skyline since the 13th century. It is situated on top of a black basalt rock, providing spectacular views of the other landmarks in the city, such as the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Princes Street and the Royal Mile. You can enter the castle through a drawbridge, passing by bronze statues of legendary heroes Robert the Bruce and William Wallace.


  • Loch Lomond

This idyllic lake is the largest in the UK and is just a short drive northwest of Glasgow. This beautiful place has been luring anglers with its plentiful salmon, trout and whitefish, as well as watersports enthusiasts, day-trippers and hikers due to its great outdoor activities and wonderful scenery. This lake is a good first stop when exploring the Western Highland Way from Glasgow to Fort William, where you can pass by the beautiful Argyll countryside.


  • Isle of Skye

This is the largest inner isle of Scotland, which was known to the Vikings as “Cloud Island” because of its heavy mists. The place is highly popular amongst outdoor lovers, thanks to its green valleys, romantic mountain scenery, attractive glens, magnificent waterfalls, caves and sandy beaches, , where you can find abundance of wildlife including seals, otters and different species of birds. The island is also home to the remains of primeval oak forests. There you have it. For your trip to Scotland, make sure you do not miss these destinations!


 Photos by: Dave & Margie Hill / KleerupChris PhanArgyll HolidaysNOLA Focal


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