Top drives in Europe

Home to incredible coastal routes and dramatic mountain passes, Europe is a fantastic destination to hit the open road. Whether you fancy a driving-focused holiday or you simply want to incorporate one or two scenic drives into your trip, we have a selection that’ll really make your break all the more memorable.

The Amalfi Coast

Few holiday destinations are as picturesque as Italy‘s Amalfi Coast, and few driving routes are as scenic as the one that follows its shoreline. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed area is world-famous for its spectacular scenery, which consists of dramatic cliffs dropping away to glittering water, gorgeously scented lemon groves, and narrow, twisting roads that make for incredible driving experiences.

Salerno is a good place to start your Amalfi Coast adventure. A drive along the A3 and then the SS163 will take you to those famous coastline views. Part of the beauty of driving in this part of Italy is that there are more than just fantastic vistas to enjoy here, though, thanks to its array of scenic little towns and villages.

Positano, for instance, is widely regarded as the prettiest town on the Amalfi Coast – so naturally it is a must-see. Get out of your car here and indulge in a stroll around the houses that seem to tumble all the way down to the sea, as well as the pretty streets lined with fantastic restaurants and boutiques.

Top drive during sunset

Top drive during sunset

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