Top 5 Destinations for You and Your Family

Family time is important so you can have bonding moments with your spouse and kids. And what better way to spend quality family time than to fly somewhere. Here are top seven destinations for family holidays:

Honolulu, Oahu

This city have always been a child-friendly destination and for good reason. It has plenty of activities and facilities that people of all ages will be sure to enjoy. These include snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and visiting the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park.


Yosemite, California

With its millennia-old Sequoia trees, towering waterfalls and unique rock formations, among others, it’s no wonder Yosemite is one of California’s most awe-inspiring natural wonder. Some of the exciting things you and your brood can do here include checking out Glacier Point, Half Dome and Tuolumne Meadows, as well as hiking in the Mist Trail and Vernal Falls.


Grand Canyon, Arizona

This natural attraction isn’t just grand – it’s majestic and magical and truly captivating. So if you haven’t check out this place with your family, you should do so soon. While you’re here, you can visit the Grand Canyon Village, go river rafting, try trekking in the different trails and walk on the Skywalk.


Myrtle Beach, Southern California

This place is known for its clean beaches. But there’s more to the sun and sand here. There are golf courses, amusement parks and Ripley’s Aquarium.

San Antonio, Texas

Theme parks, museums, sports teams and a historic park – these are just some of the things you can do here. Then, there’s also the River Walk, which is believed to be the best way to see San Antonio. You can also check out The Alamo, which holds the precious artifacts of the most famous defenders. Also, don’t forget to be inspired by the brilliant architecture of the San Fernando Cathedral.


Photos by: Floyd ManzanoGiuseppe MiloMoyan Brenn and Tyler Meyer

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