Tips On Partying When You Travel

If you enjoy partying anywhere in the world, then you would certainly enjoy these tips.


Partying always starts off with a good dress. This means though that you have to dress appropriately for the activity. You might ward off new people if you look too formal in a pub house along an urban street or look too slutty for a local bar. You also have to make a consideration of the culture of the place you are visiting, whether they are conservative at a certain point. But it is always safe for guys to look clean and for girls to play pretty and not too showy.



If you really wish to reserve a good spot at a bar, you have to arrive earlier than the time when the party is supposed to start. You cannot expect these public places to be spacious and you will never know how many people would be coming. So better be early than others or else you will only have to squeeze in to the corners.

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It is better to bring a date with you or come along your friends in this kind of activity rather than you go alone, although there are some who finds being alone more thrilling. This is not only for fun sake but this is also helpful security and safety-wise. You will never know what emergencies would arise in places like these where a lot of people would come over.


When it comes to the drinks, there are some people who like cocktails prepared by the bartender. But if you are coming along with your friends, it is better to take a per bottle order because it would come out way cheaper. You may also split bottles with other friends or even acquaintances as long as you keep an eye on what you are drinking.



One more thing you should not miss is to get acquainted with popular music. Also, each place has its own choice of music and others follow their own genre. In order to jive with the music, at least be familiar with them so you can dance along.


Photos by: Thomas HawkFred William Dewitt and Sally Crossthwaite

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