The Museum of Cinema in Turin open to families

Interesting offer of the Museum of Cinema in Turin that, for once, is think concretely for families, offering a special family offer, valid every day – which provides an entrance to the museum at a cost of € 9 per adult and free for children up to 18 years. It is a good time to start our children to understand culture, because contrary to popular belief, I think it is not that the children will be bored in museums, it is that parents will be too lazy to bring them. Of course most of parents would think that taking their children and flying to Turin is not such a good idea if you think that is hard to make them stay quiet during the trip and not disturb other passengers. But that is not absolutely true as there are many ways to keep your kid occupied during the journey and thus quiet. For more information you can read this guide to flying with children.

Museum of cinema

Museum of cinema

Lazy, why take the kids to a museum, an archaeological site in or around churches and squares of our beautiful city requires a minimum of thought, planning and preparation. But the satisfaction of an exchange of words on the statue or the square, with our children, is priceless.

And the Film Museum offers ideas of interest to children, such as the shadow theater, the play of mirrors, lenses, magic lanterns, explaining the cinema before the film, the brilliant Marcorè (I love it), that with a short film explains the secrets of directing, or large sets of films of the past.

And then it let us remember that we are always inside the Mole Antonelliana, so, by finishing the tour of the museum, perhaps after we had eaten at the bar inside, we can always rise to the top and see the city and the mountains from the top of the Mole.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

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