The most impressive deserts of earth

Get up, wear your sunglasses, sunscreen and come with us to explore the most stunning deserts of the planet.

Arabian Desert, Middle East

From the Persian Gulf to Oman, Jordan, Iraq and Yemen is the magnificent Arabian Desert. It occupies more than 2,000,000 square kilometers of the Arabian Peninsula. Along will come across many cities developed around springs and wells and heavenly oases. Here was born one of the greatest civilizations of mankind, the Islamic civilization. Here you will meet and Bedouins in Arabic means the man who walks in the desert.

Sahara, North Africa

The largest desert in the world. The area reaches 8.6 million square kilometers, despite the difficult weather conditions they live more than four million people, while many encounters without as Mauritania, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad and Niger. At length, there are many different rock formations, caves, canyons, dry, dramatic river valleys. You should also know that the rain here is rare.

Sahara, North Africa

Sahara, North Africa

Desert of Antarctica

The driest, because Antarctica has no rainfall, while that with more water, because entirely covered with ice, desert in the world. And of course, the more ice on the planet. It is the favorite place for penguins, seals and albatross.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

The most unpredictable and different version of the Middle East. Discover the charming neighborhood of this planet with camels. Pass through lunar landscapes, those that crossed and Lawrence of Arabia. On the way you will encounter small Bedouin encampments that will treat you with a smile tea with mint. Maybe lend you for a few hours their hammocks to relax. The hospitality of these people will surprise you pleasantly.

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By Nicole P.

Desert photos: Sunil Shinde.

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