The Grandest, Wildest Street Parties You Shouldn’t Miss

Party? There’s always a party in every corner, but here we give you the grandest and wildest in the world.

#1: Burning Man – Blackrock Desert, Nevada USA

Some eight days before the American Labor Day in September, thousands of people head down to Blackrock Desert to burn a gigantic wooden man.  But make no mistake. This isn’t just some burning ritual you got there – what do you suppose partygoers do in those eight days?  Just recently, some 47,000 came to barter and trade as only ice and water may be bought with money there.


#2: Australia Day – Everywhere in Down Under

Aussies and guests come together to feast on music, beer and bbq. Australia Day is actually a commemoration of the day Europeans came to the continent. It’s a party like no other. Everybody’s invited to join the fun. Every 26th of January, all of Australia is on a festive mood, from the rural areas to the cities, and even along the beaches.

#3: Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Alberta


On the second week of July, Calgary celebrates a ten-day stretch of rodeo and partying. This has got to be one of the biggest parties in the world as millions of people gather around and have a great time with country revelry and of course, country music.

#4: Electric Daisy Carnival – Various Cities


More than a quarter million of people get high on bass drops and pool parties for two to three days in a row sometime in June at major cities including Las Vegas, Mexico City (Mexico), Milton Keynes (UK), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). As if every night isn’t party night there, right? But this one’s a massive one. People come here for loads of music in various genre including dance, drum and bass, house, and punk.

#5: Queen’s Day – Belgium

Queens Day

In the last day of April, Belgians go all out partying to celebrate the birth of their queen. People dress up in orange and flood the streets, canals, and grounds partaking in the revelry filled with drinks, food, dance and music. A million people go out of their homes to party – so there’s no way any transportation could move about – it’s insane!

Photos by: Cory DoctorowLASZLO ILYESTony NungarayAntonio Olmedo

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