The Best Nightlife Destinations in the UK

Are you in for a party for your next holiday in the UK? Then, get ready to raise your glass and start with these destinations that are best known when it comes to nightlife.


This city is known to be expensive, but you can ditch those over-priced drinking bars, such as those in Westminster, and hit those in trendier areas, such as Camden, Soho, Brixton and Brick Lane. As you can see, these places have many nightlife spots and even hidden gems that will tickle your fancy for a party.



When it comes to night life, this city is also on the top of the list together with London. This place is known to have specialist wine bars, jazz joints and night clubs that are open until the wee hours of the morning, guaranteeing that there will always be something for everyone. When planning your holiday, you do it to coincide with the Warehouse Project, when a popular series of club nights are running run from September to New Year’s Day each year.



It is known that this seaside town is home to artistic and quirky students, so you will not be surprised that its population knows how to party. At night, you can take a stroll along the beachfront, where you will find the majority of the clubs here. Among the best to spend time in are Digital, Coalition and Lola Lo, which have a good reputation for guaranteeing great nights out.



Home to the Beatles, this city is also considered as the best for nightlife in the UK, especially with its music scene. If you are a fan of this legendary band, then you should check out Ye Cracke. Another spot that is renowned for live music is the Cavern Club. So, for the best nightlife experiences in the UK for your holiday, make sure you venture down to these destinations.


Photos by: WikipediaCatrin Austin and simone ribeiro


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