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One of the most emblematic places in the east coast of Uruguay, where surfing can be practiced throughout the year, is La Paloma, so today let us find out a bit about surfing there. There are hundreds of beaches and some of these are true hidden gems that few know. However, others such as La Paloma are even included in the circuits and championships.

The surf team

The surf team

La Paloma is a small city located more or less 200 kilometers from Montevideo (capital of Uruguay), and has ocean beaches of golden sand completely suitable for surfing. The waves are increadible for those who want to ride on them.

La Paloma beach

La Paloma beach

La Paloma is a place that has beaches with different features and many of them will make it a destination of choice for those who are still learning how to surf. It has two areas of different characteristics which make it suitable for different levels. For example in the southern beaches (Ditch Honda, Los Botes and Corumba) there are waves that are over two meters high even in summer and  La Aguada (on the East) and La Pedrera are characterized by continuous swells during the whole year and is suitable for all levels. The great thing about La Paloma is that learning how to surf, even from scratch is possible, because it has surf schools, rental sites and selling stalls with all the equipment needed for surfing and as I said its beaches are suitable for all levels.

Let's go!

Let’s go!

When do you go to surf in La Paloma?

If you like to share the beach with other people (but without overcrowding), it is ideal to go there during the summer peak season. If you like the quiet and almost single-handedly surfing, then the rest of the year is an ideal destination, plus during the off season accommodation prices can go down and make this an even cheaper experience for you.

That's it!

That’s it!

If you want to experience surfing with whales in La Paloma, September is definitely the time to go surfing there. September leaves its mark as winter ends, spring begins, the waves are good and they are larger than in summer to be exact, there is usually more wind so the waves are higher and the keep in mind that it is one of the very few places in the world you can surf with whales as housemates!

Whale skeleton on display

Whale skeleton on display

La Paloma surfing photos by: gustavo uval, dominicus braun, beatrice murch

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