Stay calm and enjoy London

This is mainly an article dedicated to those workaholics who forget to pay attention to their surroundings, thinking that the best time to visit a new city is always “the next time”. What if you will not get a second chance? There is not a better time to take advantage of an opportunity like the present.



Although you are a very busy business man or woman that has arrived in the capital city of England and the United Kingdom due to their job, you should not forget that Central London, that part of London where all the financial action takes place, contains some of its most beautiful and interesting local attractions. So make sure to read the recommendations below and actually visit some of them before taking a Taxi to London City Airport.

The ideal tour will look like this: starting with Southbank Centre (hosting the best shows in the Royal Festival Hall and the Purcell Room, and the finest exhibitions in Hayward Gallery) * The National Theatre (with a heavy tradition in the British theatrical history)  * The London Eye (one of the British symbols that practically offers you a view of the whole city)  * Houses of Parliament (previously known as the Palace of Westminster, is a Royal landmark and it contains the famous Big Ben) * Lambeth Palace (you can visit it during special tours and it represents the dwelling of Canterbury’s Archbishop since the year 1200) * Westminster Abbey (the place represented best by Royal coronations, weddings and burial sites) * St James’ Park (the oldest among the Royal Parks) * Buckingham Palace (the official residence of Queen Elizabeth, where you can witness for free the Changing of the Guard) * The Mall (preferably on Sunday, when this road is open only for passengers – a great way to walk from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace and back) * Admiralty Arch (a beautiful memorial site) * Trafalgar Square (a historical landmark and also a great place for outdoor events) * Leicester Square (the quintessence of West End and all and the cultural vibe) * Chinatown (in order to experience the best international dishes) * Covent Garden (an explosive mix of shops and events) * Lincoln’s Inn (one of the four inns of the barristers of England) * Leather Lane Market (a British bazaar where you can find all kinds of items and bargain for their prices) * Smithfield Market (active since the 10th century, it is one of the most preferred markets, especially by restaurant owners) * The Old Bailey (the cases are open to public and you also get the chance to visit one of the most beautiful court from an architectural point of view) * Paternoster Square (nowadays strongly connected with the London Stock Exchange market) * Temple Bar Gate * St Paul’s Cathedral * The Millennium Bridge and finally Tate Modern Art Gallery.

And now you are thinking of the following questions: Is she kidding? How can I visit so many things in one day? Well, the answer is very simple: you cannot. You take a couple of days off, rent a bike or a private hire car, invite a co-worker to join you or simply do the sightseeing alone. What if I did not pack my hi-tech camera? Just make sure to charge your smartphone before leaving the hotel and you will be just fine. What if I am too scared to walk by myself in a town full of strangers? No such thing. What is the result of all this frustrating planning? At the end of this tiring, yet exciting tour, you will be glad that you decided to take advantage of London and its main attractions. Work never seemed so fun.

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