Portsmouth the Great Waterfront City – Things to Do and See

Old castles, beautiful gardens, picturesque towns and villages, theaters, art galleries and museums — there is definitely something for everyone in England. And if you’re in for extraordinary cultural treats, the city of Portsmouth in Hampshire will never disappoint you.

Portsmouth is the home of the Royal Navy and the Historic Dockyard. It is known for its historic ships, such as the HMS Victory. In 2013, the city opened the Mary Rose warship museum, 30 years after it was raised from the seabed of the Solent. The museum showcases around 19,000 artifacts recovered from the seabed along with the ship.


The Mary Rose is located at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which displays 800 years of the city’s naval history. The dockyard is open to public. It features the National Museum of the Royal Navy, HMS Victory, and HMS Warriors 1806.


Those looking to experience a sea adventure can take the Harbour Tours. It offers guests a chance to see the Historic Dockyard and Naval Base from the water. And for those who want to experience what it’s like to man a ship, the Action Station welcomes visitors at the historic Boathouse No. 6. The building offers guests an interactive experience of the modern-day Royal Navy, including climbing walls and towers, flight simulators, and many more. There’s also Boathouse 4 featuring the Portsmouth boatbuilding heritage. In here, visitors will be able to see traditional boat-building in action as well as see an exhibition narrating the story of the small boats in the Royal Navy. Portsmouth

Of course, Portsmouth is more than just about boats, ships, and dockyards. It also boasts of vibrant art and music scene. There’s the Guildhall which has featured performances by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and many other artists. This 2016, it is set to feature the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Riverdance, Be Your Best Rock Challenge, Johnny Cash Roadshow, and many other performances. So, if you want to see another side of England, make sure to drop by Portsmouth.


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