Other Oktoberfest apart from the one in Munich, Germany

If the original, that of Munich in Germany, will stay out of the way or in that period (the 180 th edition will take place from 21 September to 6 October) and you are busy, do not worry, there are many other Oktoberfest that await you around the world.

Oktoberfest around the world

Oktoberfest around the world

It starts from Canada, with the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, which starts from the 11th to the 19th of October intoxicates the town of Ontario. Even Hong Kong celebrates the beer in its own way, with the Marco Polo German Bierfest that starts from 25 October to 16 November 2013 will respect the traditions of the Bavarian despite being on the other side of the globe. In Brazil we toast: Blumenau, a city founded in 1850 by German immigrants, has not forgotten its roots. And so October 3 to 20 will take place this version carioca Oktoberfest, which celebrates its 30th anniversary. And still on the subject of unusual places, here is Brisbane’s Oktoberfest, hosted in the Australian city for two weekends (11/13 – 18/20) of October.

Two weekends (26/28 September and 3/5 October) with a high alcohol content will warm up even Stockholm, thanks to Stockholm’s Beer & Whisky Festival, a close relative of the Oktoberfest with an eye for distillates. The Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is the tribute, original and singular, the American city of Cincinnati to German tradition ethyl (20 to 22 September 2013).

From 19 September to 2 October, the Green Dublin will celebrate the beer knows how to make the home of Guinness. Oktoberfest Denver is instead the party for the residents of Colorado who love the mugs and blondes: will be held September 27 to 29 and October 4 to 6. The Oktoberfest Vietnam, which will take place on 11-12 – 15/19 October in Ho Chi Minh City. Lastly, a final destination definitely out of hand: in Windhoek on 25 and 26 October, will be a whole weekend dedicated to beer, sausages and Bavarian cuisine using OktoberfestNamibia.


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