October in Berlin: Festival of Lights

Every night the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower, the Cathedral Berliner Dom, the radio tower and many other buildings and squares are illuminated by colored lights. Many artists from Germany and abroad are using the facades of buildings as canvases for their light installations and projections, helping to create an urban landscape magical.

Festival of lights

Festival of lights

For the festival there are also provided special tours by bus, bike, taxi, boat or on foot. While at the same artistic and cultural time events are held, such as the Open Door Night on October the 12th, when it will shed light on what happens behind the scenes in buildings illuminated for the Festival , and again music events . The appointment with the Festival of Lights is scheduled to be in October the 10th till the 20th. Do not miss the opening night, in October the 9th , when they will be starting at 19:30 with a party which will turn on the lights of the festival.

Among the things to see in Berlin as well as the remains of the wall, even in daylight, do not miss Alexanderplatz , where among other attractions are the world clock and the TV Tower, then the Museum Island , with its prestigious art collections, including the Brandenburg Gate and the nearby memorial for the victims of the Holocaust.

Photo: Laddir Laddir

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