Notorious and Riskiest Places to Visit

Some countries and cities are notoriously dangerous for tourists, and such places should be avoided at all costs. Despite well-meant warnings, the adventurous and the risk-takers go out of their way to enjoy beautiful countries marred with imminent danger.

  • Brazil – Home to the biggest carnival in the world, Brazil despite its mounting street crimes remains a top-tourist destination, albeit a risky one.


  • Mount Everest – This mountain has claimed so many lives and yet visitors remain undaunted, especially those who want to conquer their fears and the mountain itself.

  • Venezuela – Venezuela is notorious for murders, kidnappings, robberies, and scammers but this beautiful country known for its great food and surfing beaches.

  • Russia – This country is known for its hate crimes. Gay people are prohibited to visit Russia but otherwise, avid travelers are welcome to enjoy the sights of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other key cities.


  • Haiti – Who doesn’t adore the Caribbean? But Haiti is a poverty-stricken and poorly developed country. The U.S. warns there are no safe areas in Haiti, but some tourists are unstoppable.

  • India – Oh, the colorful sights and the exotic foods of India are hard to ignore. But rape cases in this country is so rampant, it can be really dangerous for travelers especially women.

  • Yemen – The adorable beaches of Yemen are nothing ordinary. However, reports about Al Qaeda setting up camp in this country make it risky to visit.

  • Kenya – Carjacking, intrusions, kidnappings and rape are just some of the things that make Kenya scary. But its safaris and wildlife beckon eco-tourists to take the risk.


  • Somalia – Political unrest and instability make Somalia one of the most dangerous countries to travel. However, if you have at least 10 well-trained armed men to guard you the entire time, Somalia can be a haven to enjoy a generous platter of lobster.

  • Iraq – The U.S., the U.K. and many other countries forbid citizens from traveling to Iraq. Still, risk-takers can visit this notorious country through escorted tours.

As they say, travel and enjoy at your own risk. Some places are just too charming and too tempting to avoid. There are alternatives of course, but the risk factor adds to the allure of such destinations.


Photos by: Eduardo AmorimSergey Ponomarevjensvins and NASA’s Marshall Space

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