Mexico, Ibiza or Mauritius | Organising a dream beach wedding and dress while at the beach

It might be the culmination of a long-held dream and for growing numbers of couples, the perfect beach wedding is the ideal way to begin married life.

Beach weddings are popular with celebrities as well as those who want to enjoy tying the knot in a romantic and idyllic location.

There’s a lot to recommend organising a beach wedding since the weather in the UK is unpredictable so opting to organise a wedding in a far-flung location where there is guaranteed sunshine is enticing.

Organising a dream beach wedding

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The first step is to decide where the wedding should take place and with many holiday firms now organising trips for those getting married abroad, the destinations range from the clear bluewaters of Mexico, to Ibiza and Mauritius.

The second step to organising a dream beach wedding is to decide what the happy couple are going to wear.

Or, more importantly, what the bride-to-be is going to wear since this is her day and designer wedding dresses will be top of her shopping list.

Indeed, despite the hotter weather there is still a wide range of suitable bridal gowns that will deal with humidity and heat effectively. This will mean opting for natural fabrics such as silk since these work better in the heat and the dress itself should be light and suitable for getting married on a beach.

This means that a bride shouldn’t really opt for corsets and a big merengue wedding dress since they will need to remain comfortable in their gown for several hours. A wedding dress that may work well in the inclement British weather, probably will not be suitable for a beach in Mauritius.

Grooms as well will need to consider what they will be wearing and this will probably be a linen suit since these are excellent in tropical climates are not only keep their shape but keep the wearer cool as well. There’s also the possibility of wearing shorts, though they will need to be formal or tailored shorts and not beachwear!

The bride will need to think about what to wear on her feet as the groom could go without socks and shoes. Since it’s a beach location, it’s probably best to be barefoot or if the bride is keen on wearing something on her feet then wedges and sandals would be a good choice.

However, everyone who is organising a beach wedding should really be considering a ‘Plan B’ since the weather cannot be guaranteed so they may need an indoor venue or a gazebo should there be a rain shower.

Finally, it’s always worthwhile to still invest in a quality photographer to capture these magic moments of a dream beach wedding but, more importantly, to get great photographs of the bride wearing an impressive wedding gown in a dream location.

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