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Traveling for many people is a synonym for spending a lot of money. Airplane tickets, accommodation, extra money to spend on your destination etc… However, taking a trip does not necessary mean spending much. Here are some simple to things to do to avoid excessive costs and enjoy your travel.

Cheapest airplane tickets: Buying tickets well in advance can reduce the cost of these to over 50%.

Fly midweek: Avoid flying at weekends as the price increases significantly.

Get cheap flights to accumulate points: All you have to do is register (free of charge) at the website of the company. Once they have your data, you will be given a membership number that you must enter in your future purchases. So you will accumulate points / miles you can redeem for free flights.

Plan it ahead for Monday and enjoy it more!

Plan it ahead for Monday and enjoy it more!

Excess BaggageWhen packing, it is best not to take many things so that the airline does not charge for excess baggage.

One bag can do the trick just fine!

One bag can do the trick just fine!

Accommodation: It is best to look for something near the center of the cities and with basic services including breakfast. You should also avoid foods that increase the price considerably. If traveling in a group, it is best to rent an apartment, then the final price is cheaper and it also saves on cooking. It is cheaper to book in 3 to 4 months in advance.

Some guest houses can be better than hotels

Some guest houses can be better than hotels

Transport: Visit cities that give you the chance to walk whenever possible. It is another thing that will keep the travel budget low. If the place you stay is in the center, the transport costs will be significantly lower as the places of interest tend to be in this area of the city.

Transfers: Use public transport for transfers from the airport to the city center and vice versa. It is cheaper than a taxi.

Walking is exploring

Walking is exploring

Equip yourself with the tourist card: Acquiring it is advisable if you’re going into almost all major places of interest in a city. Normally, it includes admission to museums and discounts in shops and restaurants.

Here's my travel card

Here’s my travel card

Free Guide: In many cities completely free tours are offered by locals, with the usual exchange being a tip.

Student passIf you’re a student, do not forget to travel with your university card to get discounts at museums.

Money: If you travel outside the euro area, check your usual exchange rate entity. It usually tends to be more expensive to change at the airport than in exchange offices of city centers. Always  take a little more money with you than you think you’ll need.

Exchanging money

Exchanging money

Credit cards and debit cards: Every time you withdraw money in an ATM abroad, it will charge a high fee, so use the cards in exceptional cases.

Eating: Restaurants that are near the main sights are always more expensive. You can consult the local people as they know where you eat well, at affordable prices.

Telephone: If you intend to use your phone a lot, buy a local SIM destination card. The most expensive thing to do is to use the roaming service telephone companies. Another great option is to talk through Skype.

Look! Mommy's calling

Look! Mommy’s calling

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