In London, you can eat your hot-dog with … Champagne!

Among the openings of new restaurants in London, it certainly signaled the address that records a full house all the days of opening (Tuesday / Saturday from 11.30 am to 16 and from 17.30 to 23), its name is Bubbledogs and it is a… Champagne bar! That’s right: if you order a glass between the labels selected from small producers’ enthusiasts, you will need a sausage sandwich with lots of sauces, and also because the idea is succulent – the types of hot dogs to choose from are remarkable.



Sifting through the menu your eyes will pop out, for example: BLT (wrapped in bacon with lettuce and mayonnaise caramel truffle), Jose (with avocado, sour cream and jalapenos peppers in brine), Ceasar (with lettuce, parmesan cheese and roasted chicken skin) and then there would be the ones to avoid watering but if you’re planning a tete a tete: Sloppy Joe (with hot chili, onions and cheese) and above dates Dog (with toasted garlic, spring onions and chive sauce!).

Some will say that the combination is cheeky, but the bubbles refined perhaps agree perfectly with certain combinations of foods and sauces not exactly light. Also interesting is the price, with 16 euro you bring home a new gastronomic story for friends and Dine in the heart of London, behind Oxford Street. You can find it on 70 Charlotte Street – stay up to date with their Twitter page.

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