How to Make Going Through Airport Security A Breeze

Along with travel comes the unavoidable security check. While we may groan at having to go through such a process, it’s necessary for everyone’s safety. Since we really have to undergo screening, what can we do to make everything run smoothly?


Check in online

A lot of airlines now allow you to check in for your flight online. Take advantage of this offer especially if you’re flying from the busiest airports in the world. Security lines will likely be long and shaving off one more line before you get to your gate saves time.


Wear “airport security friendly” clothing

This simply means wearing clothes that will not set off alarms thus reducing or eliminating the chances of having to go through the scanner again. For ladies, it might be best to wear a bra that doesn’t have any underwire.

Airport security also requires you to remove items like belts so if you have clothing that don’t need them, it’s a good idea to wear them when flying. Since you also have to remove your shoes, why not wear those slip on-slip off types? Doing so really speeds things up.

We may want to look fashionable even when traveling but there are other ways to be stylish without causing too much of a hassle.


Organize your items

We travel with a lot of gadgets these days and they really slow down a security line. On your part, it’s best to take everything that needs to be put through the scanner before you get in line. Plus, always remember to empty your pockets. Better yet, make sure the only item in your pocket is your mobile device. Also, place your shoes in the last bin – it’s a way of making sure you have all your items before putting on your shoes.

Going through airport security is a necessity but there are ways to make the experience less of a hassle.


Photos by: Alice DaerKen PowerMark Lyon and Marcia Conner

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