How to Get Started in Travel Writing

So, you have decided to wander the world and write about your experiences to share to magazines or websites—and get paid? Whether you are traveling in the UK or other destinations, here are some things to keep in mind in travel writing.

  • Decide on a niche.

With thousands of aspiring writers, you need to make yourself distinct from others. Choose a subject that you are passionate about, own it and hone yourself to become an expert in it. And to share your write-ups with authority, you can take advantage of social media and publicize your own site to establish your presence. Eventually, you will attract attention of larger media outlets that would invoke you as an expert.


  • Create a portfolio online.

Other than having a blog, it is very important to create a portfolio website, which is basically a digital billboard on which you can present your biography, social media feeds and travels. This site is also where you can showcase your articles, videos and photos, serving as a multi-layered, multimedia portal to your viewers and readers.

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  • Get involved with networks.

You can cultivate connections through social media, online conversations and other sites. You can also do the same offline by attending conferences and workshops, such as the TBU, TBEX and the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference.


  • Start small.

It would make sense to closely focus any of your initial publishing efforts on areas you are inspired to engage in. For example, you can see your name in print by pitching some stories to the features editor of your town’s local newspaper or contribute content talking about your expertise to a website that you admire. You can also pitch a story about a section of a magazine that you are interested in. Your ultimate goal here is to develop a relationship with producers or editors to get a regular outlet for your pieces. Most importantly, know the point of your pieces when you start writing!


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