How Technology Makes Travel Easy

Technology advancements have made travel not only much easier for all of us but also enabled us enjoy the comforts and habits that we might seek back home. Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, below are some ways technology has reinvented the way we travel.

Travel light

Laptops and tablet computers are now constant companions for leisure and business travellers. To make overseas trips run smoothly and more enjoyable, travelers can choose from several models that have lightweight and ergonomic design, including Acer laptops like the Travelmate X313, which is specially designed with travel in mind.

With a laptop and Internet access, travellers need not resort to hand-drawn maps, visit the library or carry thick travel books abroad. You can read the online country or city travel guide right there and then to find out about the history and culture of wherever you happen to be. You can also reduce paperwork in an eco-friendly manner, since laptops and tablets allow you access emails and directions without printing.

Travel Easy

Travel Easy

Travel information at your finger tips

Travel information is becoming easily accessible. Technology has also changed the way travellers plan and manage their holidays. An increasing number of travel mobile applications cater for those who want to manage their travel information and maximize their overseas experience. These mobile applications can help travelers manage itineraries, track flights, search for deals on hotel and car rental, set mobile alerts and reminders and share itineraries with other people.  There are also applications that enable travellers to calculate currencies on-the-go either on their smartphones or tablets, such as XE Currency Converter.

Free applications like GateGuru help to customize your adventure from door-to-door. You can use GateGuru to plan your next journeys based on your current ones, receive updates on your itinerary such as flight delays, security wait times, gate changes and layover time adjustment, and receive airport specific information based on your itinerary. FlightAware Flight Tracker provides you with real-time flight status, airport delays, fuel prices, weather maps, flight routes and navigation charts. And with Google Translate, you can even convert words and sentences without learning a foreign language before your departure.

Connecting with families, friends and the locals

Communicating with families and friends is easier now than ever before. With Skype, you can chat with families and friends via video and voice call on land lines or mobiles either free or at affordable prices. You can also tweet and share your adventures and experiences. With concepts such as Couchsurfing, you can connect with locals in every country, just by getting online as you go. You can choose to stay with the locals, participate in events to make new friends, learn different cultures and exchange languages.

It’s plain that technology has transformed the way we travel in countless ways and with the rate that our present tech is advancing, the process is an ongoing one. So here’s to a travel experience that’s less stressful and frustrating and more responsive and flexible than ever…!

Image by Jon Rawlinson, used under Creative Comms licence.

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