Home Staging Can Be Your Key To Travel

Home staging is a simple but highly effective process combining many small activities into a big payoff when it comes to your home’s perception and looks. Homeowners typically seek out a staging project when they’re looking to sell, because it’s the best and easiest way to present the very best interior possible to potential buyers. When they see a space that is laid out perfectly, with complementary lighting and coloring, it goes a long way toward helping them picture a future in your home.

But even if you’re not looking to sell, there’s a lot of value to be found in the efficient, comprehensive process of home staging. For instance, if you’d like to fund travel for yourself and your family, there’s plenty of potential for payment when renting your home out while you’re away. The situation works two ways, helping you help yourself with a house that’s kept safe while you’re traveling the world.

This is where home staging comes in: when you tease out the inherent potential of your home, you make it far more attractive to would-be renters, and thus a place where you can charge a premium for its use. Simple but effective projects like de-cluttering, furniture arrangement, wall painting, and even light fixture upgrades can truly add up to a huge change in looks for your home, all without breaking the bank. With such a low initial cost, and such high potential payoff, there’s no reason not to try staging your own home.

Infographic by Home Stratosphere

Home Staging

Home Staging


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