Helpful Tips on a Destination Honeymoon to London

When it comes to honeymoon destinations, London has become one of the popular cities in Europe couples prefer to travel to. This is the perfect choice for newly-weds who want learn about the history and culture of one of the most charming cities in Great Britain. Aside from being a fashion center, London is also known for its museums, such as Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert.


For those who love watching theater performances, the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is also one place worth visiting. After the play, a walk along the River Thames or simply staying there and enjoying the view is also one of the activities to do.

Of course, the London Eye is another experience couples would not want to miss. By making a reservation for a 30-minute private capsule ride, they can enjoy the view and celebrate while enjoying some drinks.


Although being there during the winter season means getting the chance to go to the theater, preparing for the cold weather is important since it can be chilly. Visitors might as well choose between being there when the weather will be best enjoyed or when airfare and hotel accommodation rates are not as costly. The peak season for travelling is from June to September while the cheapest fares and hotel rates are from January until March.

For a taste of the British culture, visiting the Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard should be part of the itinerary. Since this does not happen daily, checking the schedule is important. Of course, going to the Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral is another experience worth looking forward to.


Conversely, for some history lessons, it is also recommended to visit Churchill War Rooms and Churchill Museum to learn about one of Britain’s most notable figures in history. After this, the Tower of London is the next landmark to see because this former castle and prison is not only the setting of Britain’s pas but is also where the Crown Jewels are kept.

The city of London is not only a destination for tourists. It is now a honeymoon destination of choice because of its charm and culture.


Photos by: Flickr and Kotomi_

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