Great Destinations to Travel Off the Beaten Path in the UK

The UK is one of the most visited countries in the world, boasting an endless number of attractions mostly on the beaten path. Though it is definitely worthwhile to visit these places, it could come with some narks, such as long queues that can take hours. Now, if you are planning to explore the region without these hassles and huge crowds, it is recommended to take a unique trip and explore some of the more remote and tranquil regions of the country.

  • Kynance Cove in Cornwall

This place is nestled on the Lizard peninsula in the southernmost part of the UK, particularly in Porth Keynan. Its name is very fitting to describe the small hamlet that is perched between two sheer slabs of granite found in the cove. Knowing that the surrounding seas were once home to pirates who were said to hoard their treasures in the cove, you can let your imagination run wild here—you will never know what you will discover in this place!

Kynance Cove

  • Snowdonia in Wales

This national park is home to castles, a dry ski slope and numerous scenic walking routes. One great place to visit here is Conwy, which is a little town lying on the northern coast, where you will find the imposing Conwy castle. A trip to Snowdonia is also not complete without a visit to Wales’s highest mountain, Snowdon, which is great to climb during spring, when there is still little snow on the top.


  • Luskentyre Beach in Scotland 


This beach is another great example of unparalleled beauty Mother Nature has given to us. Remember that there is no cafe here to relax your head, which means that you should pack everything you need to take on the surrounding hills and sand dunes here. Good thing is, you will have the place all for yourself and your group!


If you want to discover more about the UK, then you should start taking the off-beaten paths, starting with the places listed above.

 Photos by: Lee-Anne InglisHefin Owenglynniqua

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