East Linton, Scotland – A Perfect Rural Escape

While UK is known for its highly urbanized cities like London, the country is also home to quaint towns and villages where residents enjoy a peaceful and quiet life. One of which is the small agricultural town of East Linton tucked away in the council of East Lothian in Scotland, strategically located on the River Tyne, between Haddington and Dunbar.

Established in the 16th century, East Linton is one of the oldest towns in the UK. It makes a perfect weekend getaway destination for those who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


There’s no better way to know and experience the best of East Linton than visiting the following attractions.


Phantassie Doocot

Phantassie is a hamlet or estate located just near the town. It is famous for the Phantassie Doocot, a “beehive” doocot (or dovecote) built in the 16th century, now protected as property of the National Trust for Scotland. The dovecote features an unusual parapet in the shape of a horseshoe and notable 4-feet-thick walls. Inside it are 544 nest boxes which would have given shelter to birds in the past.


Preston Mill

Just near by the Phantassiee Doocot is Scotland’s oldest working water mill. The mill begun operating since 1559 and continues to work today. It shows no sign of retiring any time soon. It is a favorite subject of photographers for its unique conical roofed kiln and distinctly red pan tiled stone buildings. Nearby exhibits will give you a glimpse of the Preston Mill’s history as well the working life of its millers.


St. Andrew’s Jessie

Jessie locally refers to the large clock in the tower of St. Andrew’s Church, now a residence. It was installed in the tower to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Now, as to how the clock got its name, stories have it that the clock was named after a local boy named Jessie who insistently climbed on the tower and pour it a libation to mark its christening.

St. Andrews

Photos by: Magnus HagdornAli BertadDave Conner

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