Disneyland Paris: Halloween

Like every year, Disneyland Paris is getting ready to celebrate Halloween since the beginning of October, more precisely, from the 5th up to the 31st of course, the day when there will be a special evening that requires a separate ticket.

Halloween Disneyland

Halloween Disneyland

Throughout this period it will be possible to appreciate the park decorated with pumpkins and ghosts a little everywhere, with the “bad” characters  and a special version of Phantom Manor, the haunted house that will be more somber than usual.

There will also be a space to meet Goofy version seller of candy, and among the new features this year will also feature a sewing Minnie workshop, where you can see her latest creations in fashion.

Going back to the evening of Halloween the 31st , buying ab online ticket which costs € 37 from this page you are entitled to have a wristband to enter the park starting at 17, and to stay until midnight, while those who were already in the park must leave at closing standard time.

If you are wondering how it is possible, simply everything is done through a great filtering operation through the openings of the guests’ months in strategic points of the park, which guests in every case without a bracelet cannot climb on the attractions.

That of 31st can therefore also be a good opportunity to visit the park paying a little less, having fewer hours available yes, but being able to take advantage of a very special evening with a series of small shows and events that occur only in the evening around the park.

From then keep in mind that there is no hope of buying a ticket for this evening close to the event, or even thinking of taking it the same day, so better do it online and hurry up.

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