Budget-Friendly Ski Holidays in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most beautiful slopes, even rivalling those in the Alps. They are so gorgeous, that even the James Bond film Skyfall was shot in a valley at one of the oldest skiing resorts in Scotland. So instead of flying all the way to Switzerland, North America, or France, why not have a ski holiday at one of the local wonders in the UK? There are Glenshee, Glencoe, and Nevis Range as just some of your options. Not only will you save on travel expenses and time, you also get to stay closer to home making it a bit more convenient.


Here are additional tips to make your getaway to snowy mountains more budget-friendly.

  1. Book in advance and try to avoid travelling during school holidays. However, if you are going on holiday as a family, just plan and make reservations as early as you can to enjoy early booking discounts. Also, if you have stayed with a ski resort previously, try to book at the same place as some resorts give returnees additional discounts.


  1. If you don’t have skiing gear, avoid buying as much as possible. Ask friends or relatives if they have stuff to lend you that are still in good condition.
  1. As much as possible, book your ski and boot hire in advance online because it is much cheaper than hiring in a resort.
  1. Lunch at a mountain restaurant is quite pricey, so stop by some sandwiches and snacks at a supermarket or make some at home and pack them in your bag before you head to the slopes.


  1. Go on a group ski holiday so you have more people to split the bill with. Besides, good company and a skiing buddy can make for a more enjoyable and safer trip.

What other tips can you share to have a more cost-friendly ski holiday? Feel free to share in our comments section.


Photos by: Huron-Manistee National FoD CoetzeeCoconino National Forest and D Coetzee


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