Broadway Tickets | An essential element before starting the journey

If you are planning a trip to New York, I have three recommendations for you. The first is that you make sure your clock settings are correct. The second is that you don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Finally, third, you should prepare your tickets for Broadway before reaching the city. If you have all this ready, settle into the seat of the plane and enjoy the show. You’re the star!

Broadway: the essential stop

Broadway theaters have become global benchmarks where visitors mus definitely make a stop at just like The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. Some call it the magic of Broadway, but it is not magic that fills the theater every night. It is pure talent. However, getting Broadway tickets for a good price and getting good seats is no easy task. Especially if we have to compete with the locals who have bought their tickets months in advance. Because, yes, New Yorkers are also theatergoers. Of course, New Yorkers do not wait until the last minute to buy their tickets to Broadway, usually booking their seats long before the date of the show to ensure the best possible location.



Therefore, to avoid long lines or the annoyance of seeing the sign “sold out” at the box office when you have finally decided to go see a show, the best is to bring Broadway tickets in your luggage along with a guide for New York and your passport. Even if you are not a careful traveler and like improvisation, in this case believe me, you better get your act together if you do not want to end up in the back row of the theater.

The solution is to buy Broadway tickets online and from the comfort of your home before catching the plane. There are two options when buying tickets via the web: You can buy them from official web sites of specific shows or on a website that is authorized to offer tickets to certain shows at a discount. Telecharge and Ticketmaster are the official pages of some of the theaters but be prepared to pay a little more for your tickets. However, with websites like, you can purchase Broadway show tickets under your own terms and enjoy discounts of up to 25%. This way you will ensure that you get the same benefits enjoyed by the locals or better!

Broadway, New York

Broadway, New York

All this and at the same time saving time from the long queues is possible with a little planning before the trip. Broadway and New York are unrepeatable experiences and incur an extra cost to our pocket. So I recommend that you get 100% the best of your trip.

New York photos: drip, graceface2010.

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