Beware of Misleading Travel Blogs and Reviews

Too much information can be overwhelming and suspicious at times. You can hardly tell which to believe. Too often, travelers arrive at their destination disappointed because the actual is far from what they expect it would be, far from what a travel blog said it would be.

Yes, travel blogs are helpful, even lifesavers, but only to extent of their truthfulness. If these blogs were authored by those purely commissioned to write exaggerated claims, without even a hint of reflection from actual experience, then such travel blogs are purely propaganda.


It can be difficult to distinguish paid travel blogs from reliable ones. However, here are ways to separate the chaff from the grain.

  1. Reliable travel blogs often provide very specific information and personal tips, while misleading ones stick to general descriptions and “safe” claims.
  2. Look for blogs that point to external sources that further help you in your research about a particular destination. This means that the authors or blog owners are not afraid if you veer from their site.
  3. Credible authors are not too shy to post short description about themselves and provide contact information should you need to inquire about their post.
  4. Credible authors spend time responding to queries, and are often active in replying to comments posted on the blog.
  5. Beware of travel blogs that only mention the positive side of a destination or vendor, especially those that make overrated claims.

It can be very upsetting to base your holiday plans on a deceitful blog with bogus reviews. Some reviews come from people who literally have no actual experience of the place, and mainly write stuff right from their office desk without doing some in-depth research.


No matter how luxurious or exclusive a destination may be, it is not devoid of its downsides. It is best to do deeper research about a particular destination before you draw your expectations. Better yet, simply appreciate the place and make the most out of your stay, and then become a credible source of information for other travelers.


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