Best Villages That You Should Visit in the 4 Regions of the UK

Villages in the UK are known for their charm and beauty, with historic narrow streets lined with thatched cottages or coastlines that are dotted with brightly colored fishermen’s houses. Here are the villages in the country that are truly worth visiting:

  • Tyneham, England

In this village, it would seem that time stood still with remnants of the past still existing, such as abandoned stone cottages, an old school and a historical church, which you can see when strolling along its main street. You will also find wild flowers scattered across the region, as locals are very careful not to destroy them.

  • Beddgelert, Wales

This village offers scenic views, especially when you are at its stone humpbacked bridge, where you can see a burbling river, blooming hanging baskets and tree branches dipping into the water. Inside the village, you can also wander to its woodcraft shop, gallery, ice creamery (which many people say makes the best home-made ice cream in the UK) and café.


  • Plockton, Scotland

Nestled on the Gulf Stream and Loch Carron, this place will make a single visit not enough, as you would want to visit it time and again for the beautiful things it offers. It has a bay with warm waters and woodland that you can stroll around and some delicious seafood cuisine that you would come back for more.

  • Cushendun, Northern Ireland

This charming village is known for having whitewashed cottages lining along its streets and a village square that is popular for great craft and tea. There is also an elevated sandy beach, which is located at the outflow of the verdant Glencorp and Glendun valleys, where you can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere.


Village life is the quintessential stereotype of country living in the UK, and to experience it, you should start with the villages mentioned above.

Photos by: John HortonMatt BuckVadim KurlandSteve Cadman


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