Best ski resorts for groups and family in the Catalan Pyrenees

Do you want to go skiing but your children have never seen snow up close? If you want to combine snow and family, it is easiest to introduce the small ones to this sport. The 16 resorts in the Catalan Pyrenees are prepared to accommodate your family. Here are some of the services they offer:

Ski schools

All season the Catalan Pyrenees ski schools have a long tradition and specialized instructors for children perfect at their art. If you cannot make your child understand that is the wedge since they will get it done in a heartbeat. Remember that to go to a ski school they must be at least four years old. The offer is very wide: individual and group lessons, weekdays and weekends. You can even receive a class together with the whole family and start practicing the first descents. If you’re aiming for a weekend holiday you should take a look at the “The Luxury Traveller: Ski weekends” in which the journalist Jill Starley-Grainger names a few destination for short Ski & Spa breaks. Many of them are suitable for families too.

Family ski time

Family ski time

Ski and snow gardens

If the smallest of the family are really very small, the ski resorts have defined outdoor spaces where the tiny angels can start skiing safely. They have a gentle slope. They also have a covered area with equipment and games to be entertained, attended by highly qualified staff. Meanwhile, the rest of the family can continue to enjoy the snow.

Skiing with the family

Skiing with the family

The recreational parks

There are also recreational parks for the whole family to enjoy, with children under 14 years. They offer games and outdoor sports. Most resorts offer specific tickets to enjoy two hours in these facilities with ski tubbies (decsent in giant floats), sled tracks snake Bliss (collective descent in articulated sled) , multi circuits and many more attractions. For when you get tired of not being able to go skiing because of family, this is an excellent choice.

Skiing photos: the_canyons_utah, Constellation at Northstar.

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