Best Places to See Sunrise and Sunsets in the UK

There is probably nothing more rewarding, calming and romantic than watching sunrise and sunsets. So, check out these places in the UK and catch the sun in one of its most amazing shows.

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire

Dropping by the Castle Howard one of these days? Well, wait until winter and make sure to be there really early to witness Britain’s wintry, blood-red sunrise.

Choose a good spot in front of the castle, just across the lake and watch the sun wash the sky in red as it rises above the white, snowy landscape, creating a dramatic backdrop for one of the finest stately homes in York.

Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire

From Knapp Hill, watch the autumn sun as it rises in the east, chasing away the morning mist and covering the green vale in a blanket of gold.


Totnes Bridge on the River Dart

Take a boat and enjoy the stillness of the morning as the day breaks over Totnes Bridge, reflecting the boats on the River Dart on its clear and undisturbed waters.

Marlborough Downs, Wiltshire

Watch the sun casts a mysterious and magical shadow over the forgotten chalk hills of Marlborough Downs in the heart of Wiltshire, and make sure to have your camera ready to capture the field tinged with vivid green and purple.

Snettisham, Norfolk


Golden sunsets are a common, and Snettisham’s sunset is no different, well, except for the flock of waders flying over mudflats, creating an Instagram-worthy spectacle.

Linlithgow Loch, Edinburgh

Enjoy the autumnal glow of sunset over the Linlithgow Loch lake, matching the golden hue of the forest in the background.


Mudeford Beach at Hengistbury Head, Dorset

This beach is known for its colorful beach huts, and the setting cannot do anything to dull colors.

Kinder Reservoir, Peak District

From the Kinder Scout, enjoy the view of the Kinder Reservoir as its water gleams in light as the sun exposes the rolling contours of the land.


Photos by: Ben CreminDarren GlanvilleFabius ValeriDom Crossley

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