Best Destinations to Pop the Question

Are you thinking about where to best pop the question? If you want to join the bandwagon of expensive wedding proposals, you might want to go down on one knee in any of the most romantic destinations in the world. Make sure you bring an equally special and fancy ring.

Cape Town, South Africa

Are you both nature lovers? What better way to set the tone for your proposal than to take her to Cape Town, South Africa? You can ask her to marry you in the Kruger National Park, surrounded by wildlife, or just a few minutes before you go cage diving with the great whites. That should get all the excitement pumping.


Paris, France

Was there ever a chance that Paris would be off the list? None, whatsoever. Since every corner of this city is oozing with love and romance, it always takes top honors. Even as simple as strolling along the Siene provides a romantic interlude to that all-important question. What more if you suggest fastening your very own padlocks to the Pont de l’Archeveche. Suffice to say that setting the right scene to pop the questions is easier done in Paris.


Prague, Czech Republic

If you’re love story started over a pint of beer, Prague is the perfect place to seal the deal. But getting drunk isn’t what you have in mind, right? Don’t worry; Prague has some really romantic destinations where you can ask her to marry you. Take her to the top of the Castle and, overlooking all over the city and with the night sky as your witness, pop the question.


Venice, Italy

Can you imagine her saying “Yes” during a gondola ride? Surrounded with the beauty of the Renaissance architecture and the rich history of Venice, your romantic efforts won’t be lost on her. There’s no place where you can be more alone and cut off from the rest of the intruding world than along the rivers of Venice, anyway.

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