Berlin: the good coffee of Strauss Café, in the cemetery of Kreuzberg

The Berlin district of Kreuzberg is known to be a trendy , lively , vibrant and turkish , in the sense that many Anatolian immigrants have settled there, so much so that in the supermarkets are on display and for sale red flags with the moon and the star of Turkey. Kreuzberg is so far ahead, even for Berlin, to be able to boast the first bar in a cemetery. The Café Strauss Berlin owes its name to its owners, Martin and Olga Strauss. They are the ones to have had the idea, certainly original but it also seems successful, to open a bar in the cemetery of Bergmannstraße . Despite the location, the Café Strauss is not a sad and off place, or rather its bright rooms and its outdoor tables attract customers and there are cultural activities and concerts.

 Strauss Café

Strauss Café

The patrons of the cemetery seem to have appreciated this busines, which also serves to take a break during the visit or to exchange a few words with other citizens who find themselves go from there. The Strauss was housed in a brick building place shortly after the entrance of the Friedrichswerderscher Friedhof, a holy field created in 1844. It was there before – and it’s not hard to believe – the seat of a funeral home and today under those arches and the covered terrace you can see over pine trees and gravestones.

I do not know if the tourists will love this bar -inspired by the Viennese placement but perhaps a little bold , however it seems that they serve an extraordinary coffee and salty snacks that deserve a stop inside the cemetery, a quiet and peaceful place within of Kreuzberg. The Café is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 while the closure varies with the seasons and times of the cemetery to May 20 to August to 19 in September and April, to 18 in October and March, at 17 in November and February, at 16 in December and January.


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