Become a Tourist in the UK or Your Very Own City

So you don’t have the money or time to travel out of town but your feet are itching to just go somewhere. The solution? Discover your own backyard and become a tourist in your city such as London or any other place. The perks of this adventure are plentiful if you just use your creativity and travel with an open mind and heart.

Join an actual tour.

What better way to feel like a real tourist than joining other tourists on a planned guided tour around your city? You get to see and some of the most famous spots in your locality through the eyes of an ‘outsider’, and maybe even find a newfound appreciation for your city as you learn new and interesting facts about those attractions.  Plus, you don’t have to do any planning, you just ride along and enjoy.


Plan your own tour.

If you don’t feel like going around with a group or you want more flexibility, then this is the way to go. You can think of a theme so you’ll have some sort of map to use. For example, one weekend you’ll go on a ‘coffee tour’ and visit the best local cafes (Starbucks doesn’t count). The next weekend it’s an ‘independent art galleries tour’, then a ‘local farmers’ market tour’, and so on. Or make it a goal to visit every neighborhood in your city by visiting one district per weekend.


Spend time outdoors.

Get some sunshine and fresh air and discover the natural beauty of your city by hitting the local outdoor spots. Plan a day at the beach, go for a hike, camp overnight in the woods, go boating on the lake, just go outside and commune with nature. You might be delightfully amazed at how beautiful your city actually is.


Enjoy a day of spontaneity.

Enjoy the excitement of just going with the flow and seeing where the streets will just take you. Hop on a bike and ride around the city until you bump into something interesting. You might end up being delightfully surprised with the hidden secrets you find along the way, like a deli that serves the most amazing gelato you’ve ever tasted, or a hidden cove a little further ahead from the crowded area of your public beach. If you don’t feel like touring, then book a room at a glitzy hotel or a lovely B&B and enjoy some pampering.

Feeding your wanderlust can be done in so many ways if you just let every day be one big adventure.


Photos by: Aero PixelsMarco Trovò, and Dennis Jarvis (2 images)

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