Bargain busting!

The early part of the year might be the darkest and most depressing bit, but it’s also when the best bargains are ready to be plucked from the store or computer, and into your life!

The best bargains are usually from Gatwick Airport, and if you find you have to travel a little further, and it still works out cheaper with getting down there included into the price, then why not look at staying an extra night in one of the Luton Airport hotels from Holiday Extras, to give your holiday a new twist and an extra day?

Don’t let the unknown of a different airport stop you from booking that true bargain, as you can easily find out about the airport and familiarise yourself by checking out information on regular Luton Airport departures, including real-time flight information, what there is to do in the airport, weather etc. A little unfamiliarity could be a good thing!

Gatwick Airport accommodation

Gatwick Airport accommodation

You probably won’t have failed to notice that when New Year comes around, so do the endless advertisements for sales, and over the following weeks, more and more of them will be based around holidays of varying descriptions, airlines and getaways. There are some fantastic deals on offer this time of year, and it’s quite easy to pick up a cheap flight if you want to book independently, as well as money off deals on package holidays. Many airlines can offer as much as £40 off return flights around this time, which basically saves you on your baggage charge!

Booking early has many advantages, not just saving money, as it also gives you something to aim towards, beating the New Year blues. Organisation is key in arranging every facet of a holiday, including insurance, transfers to the airport, any DIY elements of your break, such as accommodation etc, and the sooner you do this, the cheaper you generally get it. Any money you can save will help you not only generally, but also give you more to spend on your holiday.

Gatwick Airport Rotunda

Gatwick Airport Rotunda

I’ve never been a fan of booking last minute, and I rarely find deals, however I do know people who have. I prefer to be organised and have something to count down to, and booking in January or February gives me that early year boost I need. What better option is there to beat the winter darkness?

So the next time New Year rolls around, and you’re looking longingly at pictures of far flung lands, remember the positives of having a countdown to look forward to, and get booking!

Gatwick Airport photos: Emerge Traveling, Stocksigns.

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