Avoid the Scottish summer with these travel tips

Trying to enjoy a Scottish summer is a little like waiting for Godot – no matter how long you hang around for a sliver of sunlight, you’re more likely to stare at grey clouds until autumn arrives.

This August has been the wettest on record in the country, so it’s time to get away for a while if you want to catch a dose of vitamin D.

Indeed, it’d be great to step away from your nine-to-five grind, book a flight, step onto a plane and land on some far flung scintillating shore, where the ocean crests and falls in clear blue waves as lazy sunbathers lounge on clean sands.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to wander through ancient cobblestoned streets and meet locals who don’t understand a word you’re saying. Without these alien experiences we would live humdrum lives. So it’s time to book a flight.

That’s exactly what we’ve done. Using Edinburgh Airport as our base of operations, we’ve left our cars with airport parking Edinburgh and booked a flight at random. So what did we find to avoid a dreechit Scottish summer?


A sunny paradise on Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca, Alicante has become a firm favourite for Brits searching for good food, great drinks and clean beaches. Despite a swelling population, holidaymakers can still appreciate the narrow streets, brightly coloured buildings and thriving nightlife.


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For those searching for more than a quick stint on the beach, why not head along to the award-winning Archaeological Museum of Alicante to better understand the vivid colours and well-worn streets of this port city.

Speaking of ports, the Port of Alicante is one of the most relaxing locations on the island, allowing you to breathe in the fresh sea air and watch the world go by.


Another Spanish city, Barcelona is Catalan’s glittering gem. A heart of culture, fine architecture and unique cuisine.


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For your fix of great buildings, head along to the Gothic Quarter and witness winding streets of beautiful and intricately designed works of art.

For great food, hit La Ramona, where you’ll be greeted by a variety of snacks and main meals that could make even the most jaded foodie’s mouth water.


Kevin and Perry might still ring in your ears when you think of Ibiza, but this Balearic Island is about a lot more than endless parties and booze.


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Head along to the older parts of Ibiza and you’ll be greeted with quiet beaches and peaceful cafes. But if you want to party it up, clubs like Pacha are still swinging, and offer a VIP experience.

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