Adventure holidays in Ibiza: the routes in a kayak

In our trip to Ibiza thanks to Ente Spanish tourism alternative we have seen the faces of the island, through a program -based activities in nature, to do with the family or with friends maybe in the warmth and enchantment of the off season. One of the funniest and most affordable for all , are the kayaking between coves and natural caves, after a short intensive course ( few minutes long ) you are ready to glide on the sea, just using the protective jacket and a little bit of strength.

Kayaking in Ibiza

Kayaking in Ibiza

Virtually all areas of the island are the starting points for this sport, to begin with we present the shortest routes to take, just to begin to get an idea and stretch the muscles admiring the seagrass meadows and the houses of fishermen embedded in the coves. The first is the one that goes from the beach of Es Torrent to that of Porroig and is located in the south- west of the island and has a distance of 3.5 km (including return), with a journey the time is estimated at 1 hour.

It is the same length to paddle from Cala Gracio to Calo des Moro, on the west coast of Ibiza in Sant Antoni area , also here the estimated time is 1 hour in total . Then you will be able to stretch a little bit with the route of 4.3 km that starts from Cala Salada (always in Sant Antoni area ) and heads Raco de sa Galera, finally returning to Cala Salada. Finally a path from 5.3 km ch lasts an hour and a half and that starts from the beach of Es Figueral (north – east of the island), passes from the island and gets to S’Hort Illot de Calo Roig, where you can take a siesta on the red beach.

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