A Fairy Tale Land That Is Cotswold Village

Scenes and stories from fairy tales are supposed to be just in the books. But some of the world’s travel destinations bring those fairy tales closer to reality. Make that close enough for you to touch and enjoy.

The initiation Wells at the Quinta da Regaleira estate

Located in Sintra, Portugal, for example, is reminiscent of the well from which that little girl in the story Mother Holle jumped into, or the one that the princess-to-be Giselle from the film Enchanted fell into.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mont Saint-Michel

A castle perched on a rocky Island, was the inspiration for the animated film Tangled. This is proof that fairy tales can be real.

As home to castles and century-old buildings, it’s not a surprise that England has its share of fairy tale-like tourist destination. What exactly are we talking about?

Site of Mont Saint-Michel

Arlington Row in the Cotswold village of Bibury, England

The picturesque village features cottages built in 1380 and a meadow right across them. Arlington Row is one of the most photographed scenes in Cotswold and has been used as a film and television location, appearing in films such as Stardust and Bridget Jones’s Diary. So it’s not a surprise that it is a popular visitor attraction.

The captivating scenery is reminiscent of Villages where Beauty or Red Riding Hood was likely to frolic and traverse on a daily basis. And with the River Coln not far away, it is definitely a travel destination taken out of the pages of a fairy tale book.


Cotswold has two other Villages worth exploring

Stanton boasts of houses made of honey-colored Cotswold stone, while Snowshill has ancient cottages and a 19th century Church that are clustered around a small green. Sitting on top of an escarpment, Snowshill would provide you with a good view of the Villages of Laventon, Buckland and Broadway.

To get a good look at all Cotswold Villages, sign up for walking tours that will take you through the English landscape and on to the finest countryside.


Photos by: Ling Wang MarinaRoland KeatesKaren Roe

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