7 Hidden Places in London You Haven’t Been To

London has always been famous for the Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square, to name a few. Although these attractions still hold their charm and continue to awe tourists, some of them have become overrated. If you’re traveling to London soon and are looking for travel spots that don’t get a lot of attention, here are 10 places to consider:


Sir John Soane’s Museum

Architect of the Bank of England used to live here, which has now become one of the city’s finest. Here, you will find over 20,000 architectural drawings and antiques.

Postman’s Park

It has been called such because it has been a popular lunch venue for people who worked at the General Post Office, which happened to be located nearby. Today, it has been turned to the memorial Watts, which features tablets commemorating acts of bravery.


The Thames Path

Hire a bike to explore this 40-mile-long attraction. You can check out the Rotherhithe village, Charles Dicken’s favorite pubs and public beaches.

The Temple

It has been erected by the Knights Templar in the 12th century. Here, you will find the Inner and Middle Temple, both of which have dining halls, libraries, gardens and chambers. This attraction isn’t so hidden anymore though because it played a huge part in the blockbuster movie The Da Vinci Code.

Wilton’s Music Hall

This traditional music hall has been recently restored. It holds performances as well as features a Mahogany Bar where you can have a drink or two.


Pie and Mash Shops

If you want to have something traditional in London, you need a plate of pie, mash and green liquor. This city is home to excellent mash shops and places that offer classic gastronomic taste.

Little Venice

Here, you will find lovely waterside cafes, restaurants and pubs, just like in Venice. The best time to travel here is in the summertime as you can jump on canal boats or stroll along the riverside.


Photos by: Donald JudgeEwan MunroAdrian Scottow and Moyan Brenn

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