5 Top Tips To Get You Through The Airport On Time

Getting through the airport can sometimes be a traveller’s worst nightmare. And, while we can’t guarantee that others won’t hold you up, relieve your own personal stresses slightly by making sure you’re prepared. These 5 tips will get you ready, organised and ready to take on your trip!

1. Get your documents together

The easiest way to ensure you move through the airport at a steady rate is to make sure that you are ready for every step. When you’re packing, make sure you have your passport, printed boarding pass, wallet and phone in your jacket pocket so they are on hand when needed as you manoeuvre through security. That way when you go to check in/drop your bag/go through security you’re not fumbling with a bunch of things trying to find what you actually need. Store anything else in your carry on.


2. Weigh your luggage in advance

One of the most frustrating (and easily preventable) hold ups at the airport is someone getting to the front of the line to check their baggage only to find it’s over weight. Whether they are having to pay extra for that weight or step off to the side to put on as many pieces of clothing as possible to make up the difference, it holds things up. With portable luggage scales available for under £10, and with many airports offering scales before you get in line, you can guarantee that you’ll have a smooth sail through the drop off.

3. Book parking in advance

Though most airports have parking garages attached to the terminal, they tend to be more expensive and not always guaranteed to be available. Save time and money if you’re planning to drive and leave your car at the airport by booking in advance. I regularly fly from Glasgow and thankfully Flying Scot also offer long term cheaper rates and discounts for frequent flyers, but to be honest this is fairly common for parking companies. With shuttles running regularly to terminals and 24 hour security, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be looked after and you will get to where you need to be on time.


4. Fun sized products

The rules on liquids under 100ml has been around for quite a few years now, so it’s still surprising when you see people surprised that their giant bottle of expensive hairspray doesn’t make it through security. If you are travelling without checked baggage, the only way to get around this is buying travel sized products. Though some of your favourite brands may not have smaller bottles, shops such as Boots and Superdrug do carry a pretty solid range to get you through. If you absolutely can’t live without a particular facial creme, the same shops carry a great range of sizes of plastic bottles and containers to decant into. Sorting these things out in advance will save you time and most importantly, money – especially if you end up throwing out your favourite products at the security line.

5. Keep track of your flight information

Nothing could be more frustrating than getting to the airport for an early morning flight just to find that it has been cancelled or delayed. While most airlines will email you if there is a change, there are other options available to stay on top of updates right up to takeoff. Airlines, such as easyjet, have their own apps with updated info, or you can download an app such as TripIt. This handy app collates all your travel bookings – flights, reservations, hotels – and keeps them all together and ready to access in seconds – on or offline. A quick check of flight details the night before and even when you first wake up, will mean you can rest easy knowing you’ll have no delays or issues to deal with.

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