5 Places perfect for a holiday with animals

When you love animals, you cross the oceans, climb the highest mountains, endure freezing weather and pretty much anything for your beloved pet. However as much as it is exciting spending some time with your other best friends, anything could go wrong and it is advisable to travel to any of these destinations armed with a good travel insurance cover.

Costa Rica with Turtles

With its idyllic beaches, majestic volcanoes, verdant rainforests and amazing wildlife Costa Rica is an animal lover’s paradise that is practically synonymous with eco-tourism travel which incorporates education about the environment and preservation of natural resources. It boasts of a large number of national parks and nature preserves with an array of animals including sea turtles. You can spend a perfect holiday in Costa Rica helping in sea turtle conservation as well as enjoy visiting different parks and seeing different kinds of animals and getting a firsthand experience with nature in this tropical gem of Central America.

Tigers in China

China is a wonderful country to explore; it is a country trying to retain its ancient beauty whilst still embracing futuristic developments without causing so much of a commotion. Aside from its manmade attractions it is also endowed with natural beauty and fantastic wildlife. The Siberian tiger is one of the endangered species in the world and to preserve the valuable species, the Siberian Tiger Park was set up in 1996. It is the largest park in the world of its kind and for those who love seeing tigers in action it is a must for holidays to China; they can witness domestic animals being released to the free roaming tigers and the tigers preying on them. In the park there are also other animals such as white tigers, lions, black pumas as well as Bengali tigers.



Lemurs and more in Madagascar

The tropical island of Madagascar is endowed with unique flora and fauna some are only found exclusively here. It is a paradise for nature die-hards with exotic plants of every description, animals, strangely eroded rock formations and ancient tombs.  Get up close and candid with more than 30 kinds of Lemurs including the scary eye-eye, chameleons, tortoises and more.

Bears in Alaska

If you love animals, you are always in the lookout for the very best destinations and experiences that will thrill you and last a lifetime. Alaska gives you that and more with the unspoilt outdoors where you will wander in wonder through the forests of snowy peaks, glassy fjords, sparkling lakes and adrenaline rushing jumping with salmon fishing bears. The weather in this part of the world is erratic but the experience is worth every dime and every second. The best time to get the experience of a lifetime is between July and September when you can get to see plenty of other animals too and at the end of your trip you will be humming to the classic animation tune of “bear necessities”. Be sure beforehand that your travel insurance covers wildlife activities just in case…

Marina life in Galapagos

With 15 active volcanic islands, these archipelago constitutes a ‘living laboratory’ of marine animals including sea lions, seals, iguana, turtles, sharks, penguins, giant tortoises and more intriguing seas creatures than you can ever name. Visit this intriguing island with its bleak and blasted landscapes that triggered Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, you might just  be the one to find out the answers we may be all looking for.

Lemur photo: Safari Partners.

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