5 Ideas to Survive Long Road Trips with Kids

Children are adorable, but take them to long trips and you’ll soon find out that those cherubs can be a monster too. So if you dread going on long trips with kids in tow, here are some tips to make those long distance travels easier.


Create a map of your journey

Hate the “are we there yet” question? Make your own trip map, ask them to figure out how much longer you’ll still be on the road and tell them to help you track your trip. You can make it a little fun and interesting by adding reward checkpoints where they can get a toy or snack. This will teach them some math skills while at the same time keep them occupied during the trip.

Bring a boxful of toys


You could never go wrong with toys – dolls, stuffed animals, magnifying glass, noisemakers, trinkets, etc. They can keep children occupied and busy during the whole length of the trip. You can individually wrap them so that part of the fun is unwrapping them.

Teach them travel photography


Make every stop interesting by handing your tots a disposable camera or (if you can trust them with it) a digital camera. You can also let them take pictures of the places you are driving by or better yet, stop and pose for the camera at every road sign.

Bring books on CD

Long trips are the perfect time to read, but kids might find that a difficult one in a moving car. A good idea to take some books on CD that read the story aloud.

Play movies


Don’t know what to do anymore? Play some movies. Desperate times call for desperate actions, and you can never going wrong with playing movies to keep them bothering you while you’re driving.

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